ManGoneBlog Review: Cities to Satellites (Support from White Heat, Iktsuarpok & Alex Quinn and the Man in the Street) at the Krazyhouse – 06.07.12

Originally posted on, July 18, 2012 at 11:53 am. So my first adventure for ManGone had quite the depressing start seeing as I was stood outside the Krazyhouse for nearly two hours in daylight; feeling like a right classy bloke. It was looking increasingly unlikely that I was actually going to make it in to […]

Mark Hildreth – Q&A

Back in September of last year I was luckily enough to get a short Q&A with Canadian actor & musician Mark Hildreth. I’m a big Hildreth fan and I have been ever since my early teens when I first heard him as lead character Heero Yuy in the English dub of the anime Gundam Wing. […]

Matt Caveney – Charity Champion

The following is the first article I had published for Trinity Mirror in the MerseyMart at Liverpool Post and Echo. Pub man Matt goes the extra mile for charity By Dan Berryman Feb 19 2013 A MAN who works in a city centre pub has helped raise thousands for charity. Matt Caveney, 23, an employee […]

Daniel James Berryman – Portfolio – 05/05/2013

My name is Daniel James Berryman. I’m a 24-year-old Scouser with a mild interest in writing and, for the time being, I’m a student journalist. To build a consolidated portfolio I’ll be posting most, if not all, of my previously published work, as well as everything I’ve yet to write as part of my studies and otherwise. […]