Mark Hildreth – Q&A


Back in September of last year I was luckily enough to get a short Q&A with Canadian actor & musician Mark Hildreth.

I’m a big Hildreth fan and I have been ever since my early teens when I first heard him as lead character Heero Yuy in the English dub of the anime Gundam Wing. But his CV boasts some seriously recognisable characters and shows, including Dr. Briefs from Dragon Ball Z, Angel from X-Men Evolution and Sten from Dragon Age: Origins.

From there I found his music, still back in his demo days before his first album ‘Complex State of Attachment’ came out.

I had some brief correspondence with Mark back in maybe late 2006 when I was asked to join his street team – a kind of small following of fans helping to spread the word about his music. Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do being snowed under with college at the time and getting ready for university at the end of the year.

I’d originally hoped to see this posted on ManGoneBlog, but unfortunately my Editor decided that as Mark had no current links to Liverpool that the Q&A couldn’t be used. So hopefully Mark won’t mind me posting it here instead.

DJB: First things first really, for those folks out there who might not be familiar with your work would you mind just briefly describing who you are what it is you currently do?

MH: I’m an actor and musician who wants to spread love, joy and compassion to everyone on the planet, especially those who are the most fearful.

DJB: I think like a few of your fans I was familiar with your voice acting work before you moved into music, having grown up very much a fan of anime and video games. But would you say your music is a bigger passion than you acting work?

MH: I love them both differently, but to pick between them is a bit of a Sophie’s choice. Acting is my first love, and is a noble profession inasmuch as you can create a genuine performance and, through the experience of it, people can experience a different part of themselves and thereby have a deeper experience of humanity. Music allows me to tell my own story, which has as special place in my heart because I feel strongly there are important stories to be told for the reasons above!

DJB: How did you find the transition from actor to musician or have you been performing both about as long as each other?

MH: I’ve been acting since I was 5, but taught myself Beethoven when I was 10, so close to the same amount of time.

DJB: How would you describe your fan base? Based on the fans you’ve met or spoken to and the audiences that have seen you play, who do you find your music appeals to the most?

MH: My fans tend to be thoughtful, passionate and open. They’re often very motivated and inspired to see positive change in the world. They’re also really nice!

DJB: If you don’t mind me asking, how is your career going over in Canada and where do you aspire to be in maybe 5 or 10 years?

MH: I’m currently re-building my career starting over in LA! It is going really well, musically I’m killing it about to release a new album and playing with a new band in Hollywood. And of course this is the acting capitol of the Universe so I’m so happy to be here.

DJB: Would it be hoping a little too much for your fans to see you in England or around Europe any time in the near future?

MH: I would of course love to come back to the UK, where I shot The Tudors a couple of years ago, and most of my family is still there so I’d love to come!

DJB: We’ve already touched a little on your acting work, would you mind just talking a little bit about the roles you’ve played and those that people might recognise you from? Any characters, shows or movies you’ve enjoyed and would like to reprise or work you maybe wish you hadn’t taken?

MH: I loved the role of Joshua that I played on ABC’s “V”, because he had such a struggle and was in some ways the most humanitarian character on the show despite the fact that he was an alien!

DJB: How many releases do you currently have and when can we look forward to a follow up?

MH: I have an album out already, and my new album Signs Of Life, will drop at the end of Fall 2012! It will be available on Itunes and many other places on the net, including!

Official music video for Mark’s track ‘Siddhartha’

Mark performs ‘Change of Mind’ on Canada’s Urban Rush


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