Daniel James Berryman – Portfolio – 05/05/2013

DJBMy name is Daniel James Berryman. I’m a 24-year-old Scouser with a mild interest in writing and, for the time being, I’m a student journalist.

To build a consolidated portfolio I’ll be posting most, if not all, of my previously published work, as well as everything I’ve yet to write as part of my studies and otherwise.

For a lot of my articles I write quite informally. This has and will include some fowl language. It completely depends on the audience of the original publication – so those published in a professional capacity will be all squeaky and child friendly.

Here are a few bullet points* about where I am and how I got here;

  • I’m currently studying the NCTJ post-graduate diploma in journalism at Liverpool Community College. It’s an 18 week fast track course and the only course of study endorsed by the Journalism industry itself.
  • I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University back in 2009 with a BA Hons in Creative Writing – a degree I wasn’t totally convinced would help me out in life but did anyway.
  • I work for ManGoneBlog as Assistant Editor and gig reviewer. Although I’ll likely be reposting most of my ManGone articles here as part of my complete personal portfolio, I’d still ask that anyone interested check out the page. My Managing Editor Joe has done an incredible job building the site from the ground up and bringing it to the forefront of the Liverpool music scene.
  • I also have a placement with the Liverpool Post and Echo as part of my NCTJ course. I basically write small, community based stories for the localised weekly papers – the Merseymart and the Star.
  • I have another blog here on WordPress that hasn’t been touched in some time. It was a short and unsuccessful attempt at both keeping myself writing and delving into video games journalism. I’ll likely be cleaning up some of the posted articles, chopping out all the fluff and unnecessary wordfart before reposting them here in my portfolio.

* – Bullet points are bad journalism. Don’t do bad journalism, it’s bad.


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